“Journos”. A misnomer for too long

After reading a small side story to the democrats’ “debate”, it was on the “journos” not standing for the National Anthem, I just lamented the loss of the true “Journalist”

“Journos”, as used at that scene in the press area, is just another term for a dhimmilibtard DNC operative.

“Journalist” is an endangered species, a patriotic activist working not just a job, but for the good of the nation, the good of all; sort of a “Fourth Estate” member if you will, dedicated to watch-dogging the damn ‘politicos”.

That is all the time they deserve.  Over and out.

Trump Tax Plan??? –Tall pointy cap needed, and a corner…

Somebody please get this to Donald!

I don’t understand for the life of me why people who should know better, will put out a stepped income tax plan.  Three or a dozen, it is still wrongly thought out.

There will always be the silly inequities at the outer thirds of each plateau, getting ridiculously out of whack at the butting edges.

Why not start with a non-linear plot, (curve), formulated with some incredibly heavy high school algebra.  Then as needed, it could be adjusted by finely integrating it, and factoring any or all integrals with data from the good ol’ ever changing economy.

(Hard empirical numbers only, no “feel-good” emo-math.)

There could certainly be additional, alternate curves or supplemental curves, for special income categories.  But the operational principal for each is the same; No steps.  Sorry, no large steps.

This is the ONLY way to get it right, keep it simple and the tax code could shrink dramatically.

Spread this around till it rises to the top.


Adam Parker, father of murdered reporter Alison, -soon to be dangerous?

Will he see his hypocrisy, where, though without merit, his fears make him want to avail himself of the means of self defense that he wants to deny others?

Might he even wonder, were he to buy the gun from a friend without the fed’s “form 4476” + NICS background check, vs. buying from a store, would he suddenly become more dangerous and seized by an overpowering urge to kill more innocent people?

President Trump; “Things to do” plus one supremely important task

Nothing really new here!

  1. ObozoCare; – disembowel thoroughly.
  2. Amnesty; – freeze and then undo thoroughly.
  3. Illegal Aliens; – Gone. More economical than the incredible drain on our economy.
  4. Border Fence; Do it! – Terrorists, drugs, diseases, repeat offenders…
  5. Reckless Spending; – Just get real and stoppit!
  6. Military; – Rebuild with Extreme Gusto, and exclusively with patriots and above-world-class tech hardware and weapons.
  7. World Economy; see #3
  8. World Respect; see #4

The supremely important task?

President Trump must accomplish something not yet talked about.  Words have been lightly tossed around regarding the expected push-back from nearly the whole of the old guard of Congress.  Usually that has always been directed at any independent party presidential hopefuls.

More likely will be a scenario in which he is met with complete stonewalling, and a Congress that will try to maintain the status quo, and quash all of his attempts to work within the once normal channels of government.

President Trump must find a glistening sceptre on par with a light sabre, yet combined with the power of the mythical Hammer of Thor, to get started on the housecleaning so desperately needed in those hallowed halls.

There is but one way.  He will have to harness the electronic tools of the modern world, and create a composite consciousness of all the constituents of all those senators and representatives, that almost without exception, willingly choose to – not ‘represent’.

A Borg-like entity with an energy and scope never imagined before.  It will have the power to demand proper representation of the US American populace, now known to be largely aligned with President Trump, (or is it the other way around), and opposed to any more of the purposeful lawlessness that has taken this country to its knees.

That power will be evident to even the lowest wattage minds that inhabit the Congress.  Begin to do the bidding of the people for the good of the country, or know you will face certain political death.

Danger! Danger, Mr. Robinson; evil this way comes…

The dreaded Hildebeest!   If you are thinking of voting that way, please get help for your mini-stroke, or pull your head out of the sand, remove the sand from from your eyes and ears, and learn a bit about this hostile beast.

This thorn inside the lederhosen of our country seems to have at long last trashed herself regarding any chance to be president.  I’ll move on to other subjects while this cleansing takes place.  I hope you all notice how cleverly I worked the word “Trash” into this paragraph!